How I Can Help You Discover Solutions


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Imagine you've been struggling to overcome a challenge for months or years.

Something you really want to accomplish and it's about time you do something about it. It's very important.

You land on a website from clicking around the web and it's a coach's website, and on it you see the following:

"We practice a solution-based method of coaching. Goal setting and strategic implementation are vital components to attaining results. Understanding behaviors, and setting key implementation strategies enables leaders to manage growth in both personal and professional aspects."

Would you be enticed? Or, would you be like, "What the heck did I just read?"

What if instead, you saw this:

"We work with professionals who have been struggling for months to reach their goals and just can't seem to figure out how to do it. We help them eliminate the energy-draining stress and struggle, to implement an exciting plan for success. You'll leave motivated, and feeling confident things are progressing." 


Employee engagement means having someone standing by in good times and in bad times.

Coaching Group® is a subsidiary of Ferris Consulting Group, Tallahassee, Florida.

About Gregory

Gregory has been a performance coach and trainer consultant for individuals as well as large and small organizations. His work experience is diverse with a deep knowledge of performance and approaches to solution generation. He is very passionate about helping others discover solutions and finding success.

Along with his work in the United States, he has international work experiences in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Scotland, and India. He has worked at various levels- coaching from the top-down, giving presentations and exercising high levels of enthusiasm and energizing others with breakthrough sparks.

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How I Can Help You Discover Solutions

I am a catalyst of personal and professional growth.

As a solution-based coach, I work closely with executives and managers to help them achieve personal and professional goals. The solution-based approach uses focuses attention directly on building solutions for problems instead of analyzing causes of problems and making a diagnosis. Focusing on what is wrong uses people’s energy and distracts them from focusing on their goals.

Being innovative is an important factor of solution-based coaching. I help people discover solutions in distinct ways that fits his or her unique circumstance. This way of working leads to individualized solutions that are owned by the individual.
Once the individual understands the solution-based approach, they can then deal with other problems by approaching them the same way.

As a trusted coach to business leaders, I am known for helping leader’s collaborate their purpose openly, master skills and successfully deliver impactful, yet practical and measurable results.

Cited as an expert in my area of expertise. I have published numerous articles on applying management disciplines to drive business performance and growth. I have spoken at numerous professional and organizational events and quoted in numerous publications.


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Newsletter Articles

  • FDOT Step Up: Moving Forward as One
    It didn’t take the Secretary long to realize his appointment as leader of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) was going to be one of the bigger challenges he had faced in his professional career. State employees in Florida had not seen a pay raise in six years; the state legislature had decided to place a larger responsibility on employee contribution to their health care; the retirement system was being revamped and job reductions in the workforce were ongoing. These actions and others had reduced morale to an all-time low. In essence, the morale of state employees had bottomed out. (Read more...)
  • Employee Engagement: Measuring What Matters
    Bob Kelleher, well-known employee engagement specialist, commented, “You can’t always throw money or offer perks to boost employee satisfaction levels. The last thing any employer wants or needs is a satisfied but underperforming employees or satisfied employees working in a business that is underperforming." Kelleher’s comment strikes home with employers who think an annual employee satisfaction survey is a sound approach in determining the extent to which employees are happy or content with their jobs. (Read more...)
  • Looking Behind the Benefits: The Key Drivers of Employee Engagement
    The brutal truth - employees want a workplace in which they can grow, thrive on challenges, be bold in their thinking, and inspire others with the spark of innovation. They want to enter work each day knowing their purpose and how it connects with the business strategy. The brutal truth is powerful and even more directly, employees want work to be enjoyable intertwined with moments of fun, laughter and constant burst of energy. However, creating a culture of engagement is not something that happens before the sun sets. It is a deliberate practice of engaging employees to Think (head) Feel (heart) Act (hands) in positive ways toward their job, their work, and their company. (Read more...)
  • The End of Communicating in Presence?
    In this hurried world, face-to-face or phone conversation is a premium reward. The physical or emotional representation of the person surfaces as does the opportunity to have presence with each other. The social brain engages in each of us – picking up information in each moment of need, hearing a voice, grasping the emotion and nonverbal messages. The social brain then tells us what to do next in keeping the interaction moving. Unfortunately, having presence with another is becoming a secondary approach to communication. (Read more...)
  • I'm Someone's Management Style
    As I was paging through the morning paper, my eyes caught an expression used by a character in DILBERT: "I'm someone's management style." An initial chuckle and nod of the head in agreement were followed by a reflection on those who influenced my own thinking and work practices. (Read more...)
  • The Making of a Transformational Leader
    After six years as a secondary school administrator, I had enough. The final straw was taking a gun off a student and being reprimanded for not calling the police first. A couple weeks later, after a long fifteen hour work day, I dragged myself home thinking how I would rest my weary body in a well-worn recliner. As I sat in the recliner my mind began to catch up with the rest of me. A clear thought ran through my mind; I had become the highest paid custodian in town. (Read more...)
  • Not Just a Fist in a Bucket of Water
    A recent metaphoric expression caught my attention while reading a blog in Identity Theft. According to the blog, the expression surfaced during an exit interview. When the interviewer told the employee that employees are like a fist in the bucket; when they leave it’s like a fist being pulled out of a bucket – they are replaced as fast as the space in a bucket when the fist is pulled out. (Read more...)
  • Employee Engagement Leadership
    We have all had our share of good reads in leadership and a taste of the best, as well as many "could have been better" approaches to leadership development. However, I am not convinced that in those mentioned resources and developmental actions was there much to say about the thinking habits of employees. (Read more...)
  • A Closer Look at Employee Engagement
    Some frightening possibilities follow! According to research, it is estimated that American businesses may only be operating at one-third of their capacity because of the lack of a true connection with their people. What if banks only opened one-third of their branches each day? (Read more...)
  • Building a Culture of Employee Engagement in Your Funeral Home
    What if your funeral home staff gave 100% effort at all times? What if your business increased by 15-20% through those efforts? What if your staff came to work ready to really crank things out every day? And what if you didn’t have to feel totally and irrevocably responsible for everything in the funeral home? (Read more...)
  • How Riveting is Your Workplace?
    In a recent conversation with a colleague, I was told that he is neither hearing business owner’s talk about employee engagement or receiving requests for consulting services to help owner’s design engagement approaches. My initial thought was maybe we are not doing the job of creating awareness and understanding of employee engagement with our client base through speaking engagements, publications and one-on-ones. (Read more...)
  • Disengaging a Workplace: A Case Study
    It happened so suddenly. No one expected it or even had a clue it was going to happen! Although many of the employees had seen the housing market dip, few understood how it would impact the company and their work life. Why should they? They worked hard and went the extra mile to make sure the Division was successful. The Division Executive Vice President was vivacious in interactions, encouraged employee autonomy, deliberately recognized and rewarded employees frequently. He was well-liked and amicable to all. To be sure, employee hierarchical needs were being met. (Read more...)

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"Gregory Ferris first helped me establish a plan for an organizational culture change that was successful. He helped me conceive, plan, implement and integrate the necessary change steps. He worked for me as an advisor and professional mentor. He was also tasked to help me provide institutional help to managers on an as needed basis to accelerate the change. He acted as a trusted advisor when needed. Gregory worked very well for me in a one on one role. I would recommend him to perform this type of work for me again."

"Gregory Ferris is a professional you can count on. His experience leads to results that are lasting. The forthrightness of his delivery is exactly what is needed when working with executives and middle managers. My experience with Greg taught me how to better deal with group dynamics while focusing on individual issues. He has deep knowledge in the behaviors and attitudes that sabotague personal careers. Working for institutions on the brink of change, Greg has amassed a good body of knowledge on organizational change, as well. I would highly recommend him to any firm looking to get to the root cause of personnel problems or organizations seeking change management, in a quick and efficient manner."

"Greg's input, feedback and coaching were instrumental in developing a strategic plan for my team. His unique style and open attitude were a vital part of the process and have created a road map for my team’s future success."

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